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Poster Gallery

26 Mar 2016 / in ,

Check out the collection of our favourite poster designs from the past two years in this gallery

Café Glacons

04 Jan 2013 / in , ,

Promotional materials for the Cafés Richard’s special ice coffee branded Café Glacons

Casinos Portorose Advertising

04 Jun 2014 / in , ,

In the process of creating a new brand we have prepared many advertising materials as well, here you will find some of them

Miss Casinos Portorose

19 Jul 2014 / in , , ,

Special casino event Miss Casinos Portorose for Miss Slovenia 2015 was advertised for three months with our designs such as flyers, posters and other printable materials as well as internet promotion

Grand Casino Portorose Promo

28 May 2014 / in ,

Redesigning of all the advertising materials for Grand Casino Portorose, the casino with the oldest tradition in Slovenia, that has been offering classic live table games for over 100 years

Promotion of Gambling Tables

04 Apr 2014 / in , ,

We advertised traditional casino games such as Punto Banco, Black Jack and American Roulette with invitations, posters, web ads and flyers as monthly events in Grand Casino Portorose

Rhythm of Portorose

20 May 2014 / in , ,

Rhythm of Portorose was a spring offer for hotel rooms in Portorož arranged by Grand Casino Portorose for its guests

Cafés Richard

15 Dec 2012 / in , , ,

Promotional materials for Cafés Richard, a company that possesses unique expertise, passed down from Maison Richard, founded in 1892

Izi Poker Torneo Live 2013

15 Oct 2013 / in , ,

Izi Poker Torneo advertising with screen & web ads, flyers, posters and special invitations sent to highest poker players in Grand Casino Portorose

Organic Coffee

12 Dec 2013 / in , , ,

Packaging and advertising merchandise for Cafés Richard’s Organic Coffee