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Sixteen Stones Press

15 Jul 2014 / in ,

Logo design for Sixteen Stones Press, a micro-publisher, producing both fiction and nonfiction works, we also prepared a book cover titled Nethermost: Miracles in Lowly Places

Cafés Richard

15 Dec 2012 / in , , ,

Promotional materials for Cafés Richard, a company that possesses unique expertise, passed down from Maison Richard, founded in 1892

Sound of Solace

20 May 2013 / in ,

Design for the series of unique meditation CDs Sound of Solace by Anikiko

Organic Coffee

12 Dec 2013 / in , , ,

Packaging and advertising merchandise for Cafés Richard’s Organic Coffee

Bolivie Organic & Fair Trade Coffee

09 Jul 2013 / in , , ,

Advertising merchandise and packaging for Cafés Richard’s Bolivie Organic & Fair Trade Coffee Brand

The North

08 Mar 2013 / in ,

Four panel digipack and logo designed for the album “Slow Down, This Isn’t the Mainland”, made in Hawaii by a Jazz Trio

Melt Cosmetics

18 Feb 2013 / in ,

Packaging design for a cosmetic company with a bold matte lipstick line, with young, hip and edgy clientele