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Archive for: Advertising

Nerd Nest

23 May 2013 / in , ,

Logo and stationary designs made for Nerd Nest, a small think tank organisation consisting of creative engineers and computer people, brainstorming concepts and ideas

Hotel Packages

22 Jan 2014 / in ,

Flyer design for special packages Grand Casino Portorose offers their prestige guests in surrounding hotels in Portorož & Piran, Slovenia

Organic Coffee

12 Dec 2013 / in , , ,

Packaging and advertising merchandise for Cafés Richard’s Organic Coffee

Events for Casino

23 Oct 2013 / in , ,

Monthly promotions of events in two sisterly casinos Grand Casino Portorose & Lipica, for which we prepared posters, flyers and web ads

Bolivie Organic & Fair Trade Coffee

09 Jul 2013 / in , , ,

Advertising merchandise and packaging for Cafés Richard’s Bolivie Organic & Fair Trade Coffee Brand

Muak Baby

26 Apr 2013 / in ,

Muak Baby logo and advertising design were made for a company that retails children products from different parts of the world

Toys Catalogue

11 Aug 2013 / in ,

Baby & kid toys catalogue was created for a company that produces and resells toys, school backpacks and other stationery supplies

Casino Riviera Anniversary

01 Dec 2013 / in , , ,

Promotion of Casino Riviera’s 6th anniversary included posters, banners, web ads, invitations, coupons and many more printed materials

Barcolana & Grand Casino Lipica

05 Oct 2013 / in , ,

Flyer and voucher advertising designs for promotion of Grand Casino Lipica in Trieste – Barcolana annual event

Mehano Catalogue 2014

29 Nov 2013 / in ,

Yearly catalogue of children’s toys, was made for Mehano d.o.o., company well known all over Europe, for it long tradition of HO model train