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Casinos Portorose Brand

Created from letters C and P, symbol of spades is rounded by a basic representation of a roulette, these elements present Casinos Portorose a brand that covers 4 elite casinos, hotels and spa in Slovenia

Chef & Chef

Chef & Chef logo was made for a chain of retail stores that specialize in high-end cookware, mainly from European brands well-known for their high quality products

The North

Four panel digipack and logo designed for the album “Slow Down, This Isn’t the Mainland”, made in Hawaii by a Jazz Trio

Muak Baby

Muak Baby logo and advertising design were made for a company that retails children products from different parts of the world

Toys Catalogue

Baby & kid toys catalogue was created for a company that produces and resells toys, school backpacks and other stationery supplies

Casino Riviera Anniversary

Promotion of Casino Riviera’s 6th anniversary included posters, banners, web ads, invitations, coupons and many more printed materials