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And the 2016 Pantone Color of the Year is…

03 Dec 2015 / in Interesting, News

It looks like twins for 2016’s Pantone Color of the Year! In an unprecedented move, Pantone has introduced two colors, setting up what will be a fascinating trend for the coming year in industries as diverse as makeup and home decor. This time around, they’re toning things down with a pair of soothing shades – warm Rose Quartz […]

MiSti’s New Look Book

14 Oct 2015 / in Interesting, News

…and couple of months later, after some brilliant photoshoots, interesting new locations, during the stormy sunsets and in the company of beautiful models, perfection was captured, under one new portfolio by MiSti Photography. MiSti Photography Look Book  

The Folding Lamp Makes Origami Out Of Light

09 Aug 2015 / in Interesting

This lamp’s shade uses Japanese paper folding principles to let you adjust your room’s light any way you want. Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into beautiful shapes. The Folding Lamp features an even rarer form of origami: it elegantly folds light, giving a room any ambience you want it to have. Designed […]

How Coca-Cola Used Clever Bottle Design To Outsell Competitors

22 Jul 2015 / in Interesting

The size and the shape of a product can influence how much consumers want it. Just ask Coke. Packaging design matters. It’s not just that people want to buy a sleek, cool package. It’s that factors such as the size and shape of a product can influence how much consumers want it, according to University […]

Fashion Inspired By Nature

03 Jun 2015 / in Interesting

Fashion Inspired By Nature In Diptychs By Liliya Hudyakova

MiSti Photography

20 Mar 2015 / in Interesting, News

ESS Design Team is proud to announce a new collaboration with MiSti Photography. Feel free to check out MiSti’s Portfolio by clicking on the link below and stay tuned, we will be revealing his new website soon. MiSti Photography Look Book

Epic Photo-shoot in the Alps

30 Sep 2014 / in Interesting

Hundreds of mountaineers climbing the Alps for Epic Photo-shoot in the Alps, take a look at some of the shots. Source

Creative Engineering Combined with Billboard Design

08 Sep 2014 / in Interesting

This is nothing less than a revolution generation of water from nothing but thin air (and of course the most innovative advertising technique ever!). UTECH designed a billboard that can convert atmospheric humidity into drinking water through reverse osmosis in Lima, Peru where water shortage is one of the biggest problems. Peru only gets 2 […]